Message to Supporters - 17th September 2018


During a few months when the project is present in this website I received some opinions. Most of them were positive, so Thank You Very Much.
Some people afraid that I'm anonymous. I'm not, please read about me at and of webpage.

So now it's time to move further.
Plan is to find out investors that will be able to help me to build infrastructure. I'm starting to earn funds now, to make my marketing much more professional, then target investors. I think that I will be back with new message to you December.

For example, my competitor that cash a quarter million dollars for waking you up after 1000 years rely on 3rd party medical services, cryptography & data stored online. They are coins/ICO experts so it seems modern and is trendy. But this project is much more conservative.
We need total control over your data to protect it. We need one person (or maybe machine in the future) that is responsible for final decisions. We need reliable organization that will last more than 1000 years and will be able to negotiate successfully with future machines. (or grow our own – what sounds better). I need best team ever – imagine how smart we have to be now to survive as organization, protect your data and recreate you after a few centuries.
So we need a few more years. I hope that in 2023 we will have full infrastructure and self driven organization that will be able to develop itself and survive, even when I die.

If you can not wait, you could invest now in passive self-recording and active self-description to facilitate re-creation of you. This guideline is made by my another competitor, but is best thing that you can find on market now, and it is free:
If you pass this data later to us – it will be very useful too.
I planned to made similar instruction and offer storage of data gathered by you but finally decided that I need to have sound infrastructure first. We have to play it safe.

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About me.

My name is Krzysztof Kurpiecki. I'm not famous but I'm not anonymous.
I'm registered in Poland as sole trader since 2007. As „Baltic Griffin” under NIP number:- PL 7441343773 . Trade name/brand I use is also Infotimes. If you are looking for some information worldwide, you can use my services:

For a few years I was publishing my articles in most popular weekly in my region: Kurier Ilawski (ławski&oq=Krzysztof+Kurpiecki+kurier+iławski ) and on politics blogs over internet, including website of Jerzy Targalski ( ) who is geopolitician very popular here ( maybe you have seen video of him with his cat :-) )

And I'm on Linkedin since 2006 ( )

So shortly – I'm real person which you can easily verify.

And about my beard. It is simple. Usually I live in Poland so in winter I have a beard to protect me against cold when I wandering through forests. Rest of season is relatively warm so I'm shaved :-)